Best Social Media Management Pricing Packages in Nigeria

Are you looking for the best social media management pricing packages in Nigeria for your business, company, startup or NGO? Then finish up this brief article because it is tailored just for you.

Let's start by breaking some glasses...

Social media is more than just uploading posts. You have to be goal driven. It begins with what your audience wants versus what your product or service brings.

social media packages in Nigeria

An excellent social media management strategy is the brilliant combination between the pain of your customers (needs) and the solution you offer. Surprisingly, that is not as important as understanding the philosophy behind social media.

Why Social Media Is Goldmine For Small Business

Social media is appealing because it is meant to entertain. Yes, you read that right. Social media platforms were created to ease boredom. So people come online to catch fun. Today, you're not living if you are not signed-up to any social media account. This is where you find the latest news, stories and excitement. That means everyone is online!

I want you to paint this picture...

You are in a public vehicle waiting for the passengers to complete so you could move ahead with your journey, what do you do? You pick up your phone, and zoom off to Twitter.

It is human nature to replace boredom with fun. Now, anyone who can get you entertained and sell a product in the midst of it deserves your attention, right! Marketing offline is an art before it's an act. And it is not at variance from the digital cyber space.

We are intuitively compelled to contract business to people who one way or the other make us happy.

So, having understood the psychology of social media, our job is to weave your product or service around the audience needs. We do it in such a way that they get entertained, build trust with your brand and become loyal customers. That's why our social media management pricing packages are the best in Nigeria.

Invest In Your Business Now!





  • 1 Social Media Account

  • Page Audit (One Time)

  • Keyword Integration

  • Content Calendar & Pillars

  • Hashtag Research & Archival

  • 3 Posts Per Week

  • Post Schedule & Automation

  • Post Engagement & Interaction

  • Conversion Tracking & Analytics



80,000 / Month


  • 2 Social Media Accounts

  • Page Audit

  • SEO Page Optimization

  • Content Calendar & Pillars

  • Hashtag Research & Archival

  • 3 Posts Per Week

  • Post Schedule & Automation

  • Pot Engagement & Interaction

  • Conversion Tracking & Analytics

  • Custom Images & Videos

  • Social Customer Care

  • Reels Development

  • Social Trend Analysis

  • Monthly Reporting





  • Everything Else in STANDARD

  • 1 Promoted Post for 14 Days (5k per day)

  • 20 Minutes Engagement Before And After Post

  • 1 Live Event Per Month

  • Influencer Collabo

  • Monthly Reporting


Custom Package

Budget Sensitive

We listen when you speak. Just in case what you want for your social media marketing campaigns does not fit in any of the plans overleaf, chat us here.

Contract Based


  1. Some of our clients would prefer business partnerships that span specific period. We listen, too. Let's chat.


Need Better Options

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