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1st eco smart homes in nigeria

Imagine living in a home where, at the heat of the day, every corner is cool as though you live by the river bank. No Air Conditioner. No industrial fan. Just the wall. And at the fall of the evening, that same house is still as cool as the morning.


You save off money instead of gas to power up generators. No need to spend heavily on solar panels. If that describes what you want, then...

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Our drive is to give you a home you can call your own. 

We are bridging the gap between multiple landlords and few tenants with Eco Smart Homes.

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Bragging right

A home made of bricks is not only fire resistant or heat absorbing but durable. No need of re-painting after 10 years. Just live and retire and in your home. 

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More than 10 years we've been in the business of helping Nigerians secure homes

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No agent fees. No hassles. No legal tussle.

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Affordable Prices

Residential, commercial and industrial lands - all yours with just a month' salary.

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Residential Properties

Get the best landed assets in Lagos, Abuja and Ibadan

Commercial Properties

Looking for the ideal place to situate your business? We need to talk.

Eco Smart Homes

Bricks absorb humidity better than any building material. We build our homes from scratch with bricks so you never have to worry about heat, termites and re-painting.

Housing Units

Already made homes tailored for you and your family.

Industrial Lands

We know the best places in Nigeria to site up your industries.

Real Estate Consultancy

Among other things, we school you on how to identify impersonators.