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Since 2006

Jones Profit

He is deeply committed to the cause of assisting others in succeeding. He is a search engine optimization specialist with a keen understanding of innovative social media management.
Mr. Profit has 15 years of professional experience in total, including 3 years of digital marketing and social media management.

Over the years, he has perfected the art of scaling business goals and speeding ROI on digital marketing campaigns through costly tries, failures, and mistakes to become one of the finest digital marketers in Lagos and Ibadan.

He has taught over 40 social media and community managers as a social media handler.

His business aim for 2021 is to assist 1,000 small firms in Ibadan in increasing profitability and expanding.

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Marketing Campaigns

I put advertisements on search engines like Google and Binge. I also build and manage social media advertisements and campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube.

I write relatable material for home pages, blogs, media stories, and newspaper columns while keeping SEO in mind. As a result, your internet material can vie for the top spot in Google visibility.

When I'm in charge of my clients' business social accounts, whether it's community management, fan base building, or sales, I constantly strive for innovation, beauty, and balance.

Have you seen the covers of my magazines? I'm sure you'll say "wow" when you see it. Branding, logos, social media graphics, and cards (wedding, anniversary, and birthday designs) are all examples of my artistic expression. In addition, I make eye-catching videos for social media.

The heart of advertising is good copy. Hire a crazy copywriter like me if you want your leads and consumers to see your products and services in their dreams. You'll also like examining your bank statements on a regular basis.

This website's structure and mobile responsiveness were designed by me. And if you want a simple touch with a powerful user experience, I'm equally eager to get started on your website design project.

Clients' Projects

In this accordion, you'll find my most recent projects executed and completed with the top corporate brands. It excludes the gigs I get in multiples weekly from individual customers.

Pyrafield Homes Nig. Ltd.

Pyrafield is a real estate company. The goal was property sales. My role was to create Google ads campaigns, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn ads; generate leads, convert and close sales.

Based on our marketing strategy, I designed an ebook, a collaborated website page that served as home to the traffic being directed from the ads for retargeting, designed landing pages for automated email marketing and drip campaigns. I also created short video ads and designed customizable graphics. All the ads copy were crafted and developed from our desk.

To maintain data privacy, proofs are only available on request.

Eagle Scan

Eagle Scan is a plagiarism software detector initiated by the Committee of Vice-Chancellors of Nigerian Universities. The project was executed by the ICT Directors of Nigerian Universities.

I was contracted to review the website for mobile responsiveness, create SEO web page content for nine pages which included the technical SEO configuration while giving attention to users registration prompt.

Proways Dynamic Resources

On networking marketing, I worked with Proways to boost online visibility and social media optimization while developing strategies to convert leads into registered members of the company. I also doubled as the lead social media manager of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Linkedin accounts.

Project Archives

You will find a few samples of my design contents (Images and Videos) for clients' campaigns in the last three months.

Video Creatives

Click here to gain access.

Premium Creatives

Click here to gain access to a few samples of magazine covers and social stunts.

Custom Images

Click this link to view samples of social media and web images created by me.

Websites Designed and Reviewed

I single-handedly designed chartered market website.

I designed Proways Dynamic Resources Limited's official website. And managed all social media campaigns and strategies for 14 months.

Eaglescan's website was reviewed by me for UI/UX optimization.

As a Creative Community Manager

Here, I reveal a handful of the communities I overseer with an amazing balance of expressive creativity. I enjoy comments, likes, and shares (reshares, too). Some of these communities are highly engaging.

Scripts of Africans

Scripts of Africans is a Facebook page created to tell the amazing stories of Africans with the sole purpose of inspiring its audience. Followers of this page have a global spread. Find the page here.

Digital Growth & Entrepreneurship

Facebook groups are like family circles with a couple of Dos and Don'ts to keep sanity in place. In this circle, I manage a community of entrepreneurs and digital marketers.

Proways DR

As a professional LinkedIn community manager, I and my team grew this page from scratch to what it is today. Find also the Facebook page of this organization here.

Social Media Managers in Nigeria

It is part of my 2021 business goals to alleviate at least 100 innovative minds resident in Ibadan out of financial dependency. Consequent to that objective, we set out to initiate pieces of training. This Facebook group is the recent outcome of our social media manager boot camp.

Other Social Communities