8 Best Plagiarism Checking Sites for Writers And Researchers

Plagiarism-checking websites are very crucial to almost every student and report writer. Plagiarism is currently considered the most common form of cheating and is seriously frowned upon across every sector of report writing, and students and researchers must learn to demonstrate ingenuity and a good understanding of their work, even as they utilize useful materials and resources for background knowledge and research. To navigate this thin line, plagiarism checking sites are a necessity. This article would be very resourceful for students and researchers looking for good and free plagiarism checking sites. 

Qualities of a Good Plagiarism Checking Website

Over the years many websites and applications have been created for users to confirm anti-plagiarism for different bodies of writing. It is important to know how to properly decide from a wide range of plagiarism checking sites, one that would perform as is necessary, effectively, and execute excellently. It is advised to also utilize more than one plagiarism checking site, depending on the specific body of writing it is required to address; as they have different highlighted strengths in their way, therefore, there is not a one size fits all kind of plagiarism checker. Chartechmark outlined some important qualities to look out for when deciding on the perfect plagiarism checking site for your reports or write-ups:

  • It should have access to a wide and varied database
  • It should be able to detect the most plagiarism for the most source types
  • It should be user-friendliness, trustworthy, and easy to navigate
  • Good plagiarism checking sites should be able to detect plagiarism the most accurately, even if the original phrasing has been altered.
  • It should be able to match the entire plagiarized section to the right source. Sources, citations, and references detection is a very needed feature if you write research papers and use citations in your essays or other documents.
  • It should also provide a clear, comprehensive, and clean plagiarism report.
  • It is also important that users can instantly resolve the issues, for example by adding automatically generated citations.
  • A good plagiarism checker should support the majority of formats (such as doc, Docx, Html, RTF, txt, odt, or pdf) to simplify the process of checking, and converting files from one format to another.
  • Many anti-plagiarism websites have a premium/paid version, to effectively run. This is understandable, but it is only right for a top-quality scanner to give both its regular users and newcomers some free checks. The former will feel rewarded for their loyalty, while the latter will have an idea of what they are paying for before deciding to pay.
  • A good anti-plagiarism system should be able to detect plagiarism even when it is multi-lingual.


Top 8 Plagiarism Checking Websites for Free

Conclusively, our digital marketing team put together a list of the top 8 free plagiarism checking sites, and we also made sure to highlight their strengths and cons to help you make a better-informed decision depending on the body of writing you intend to check. Note that this list is not in any order of comparison, but is simply stated randomly.  

  1. Grammarly:

It is perfect for content writers to check how good their content is and even make grammatical corrections. The service is free but a lot more features are available for the paid version. The plagiarism checker is free to use and fast, and it also helps you scan billions of web pages to determine how accurate your data is.  


  • It leads you to the actual plagiarized source
  • It offers a language and citation assistant
  • It does not sell or share documents with other parties


  • It does not perform very well for edited texts
  • It has a character limit of 100,000 (14,000–25,000 words)


  1. DupliChecker

This platform is an entirely free plagiarism checker and it grants you access to over 1,000 words at a time. It can also be used for grammar checks and a URL link can be inserted to be checked. There are also some other SEO tools on the platform.  


  • It is free for 1,000 words per scan
  • It doesn’t save uploaded documents
  • The plagiarism reports are user-friendly


  • It has a lot of ads for other services
  • It detects a low level of plagiarism
  • It does not perform very well with edited text


  1. Quetext

This website is quick to load and it has a simple interface. It has a lot of features, but to check for plagiarism you are required to post the article and wait for the result in a few seconds. It is a free website, but you can pay $10 per month to get an unlimited number of checks, and the free version only gives you access to 2500 words per day.  


  • It offers a citation assistant
  • It detects most of the plagiarism
  • It has multiple support options, but no live support
  • It delivers clear and detailed reports
  • The documents not stored in a database


  • It does not work well for scholarly sources
  • It provides partial matches and sometimes, false positives
  • A monthly subscription is necessary after the free trial
  • It doesn’t detect all the plagiarism


  1. PlagiarismDetector

It allows you to check 1,000 words for free but it can go up to 25,000 for the Pro. You can either check grammar or plagiarism by uploading in docs format or by pasting the article on the website. This is an awesome anti-plagiarism software for teachers and professionals and is one of the best websites to check for plagiarism free.  


  • It is free to use (1,000-word limit)
  • It performs relatively well with edited texts


  • There is a technical issue where only the first part of a long document shows matches
  • It is difficult to match text with sources in the report
  • The different sources are highlighted in the same color
  • There is no live support available


  1. PlagScan

Plagscan is a complete tool for plagiarism analysis because it gives you a complete breakdown of how your article was formed. The moment you upload your document it takes a few seconds to scan from across the billions of web pages and give you a result. A lot of high institutions use this tool for plagiarism checks. They offer you a free trial at the beginning and if you pay you get access to unlimited features.  


  • It often fully identifies the actual plagiarized source
  • It is possible to pay for a certain number of words to be used on different occasions
  • It does not sell or share documents without permission


  • There is no extensive (live) support, just e-mail
  • It uses the same highlight colors for different sources
  • It is unable to find most of the plagiarized sources


  1. ProWritingAid

There is a free version of this tool available the paid version will help you become better at writing because apart from plagiarism it also checks for grammar.  


  • It offers multiple languages and style tools
  • The original formatting kept intact in the tool
  • It does not store or sell texts


  • It sometimes has technical difficulties generating the report
  • It uses the same highlight colors for different sources
  • There is no live support


  1. Scribbr

Scribbr offers a limited free version of its plagiarism checker in partnership with Turnitin. It uses Turnitin’s industry-leading plagiarism detection technology and has access to most content databases.  


  • It finds a good number of plagiarism and works for edited texts, too
  • It does not store or sell documents
  • It offers live support
  • Offers a limited free version


  • It requires a paid version after the free trial
  • It cannot work directly in the tool


  1. UniCheck

To use UniCheck you must create an account first. The website has a lot of paid premium features and is very thorough.  


  • It often identifies the actual plagiarized source
  • It does not sell or share documents without permission to share
  • It offers live support


  • It uses the same highlight colors for different sources
  • It provides multiple matches for one plagiarized sentence