LinkedIn Learning, Your Ticket To Jobs, Contracts, Employment

My LinkedIn learning experience began fully with premium. I got interested in some of the courses. After completing a couple of lessons, I received an invite from LinkedIn.

Oh my God! I learnt and learnt and won't stop until the trial timeline expired. Then I got billed for the next month.

I was able to build skill paths and got advanced courses on some of the skills I already had such as SEO.

In my honest assessment, the instructors in LinkedIn learning courses are far more experienced than other online learning platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, Pluralsight and the likes.

Do not take my word for it. Find out yourself!

LinkedIn learning is a platform where you can learn and acquire topnotch skills online. It is home to industry experts in various fields. the learning app is owned by LinkedIn. It was initiated to accelerate capacity building and professionalism.

How to Find Online Courses on LinkedIn Learning

If you're looking for online courses, LinkedIn Learning is the place to go. It's a comprehensive resource that pulls courses and videos relevant to your interests. Use it to get certified, expand your skills, or earn continuing professional education.

You can search for courses by topic or find a learning path that's relevant to your professional goals.

By typing in the topic you want to learn more about, the learning app will give you a list of courses on that topic. From there, you can browse the courses to narrow down your search

Courses in Business, Creativity, and Technology

LinkedIn Learning offers courses for professionals in a wide variety of fields, including business and technology. Its courses cover everything from soft skills to professional development, including online marketing and project management.

The courses are categorized into three broad categories: technology; business; and creative. These categories are further broken down into sub-categories, which cover a variety of subjects. Programming languages and platforms, music, and web design are all things you can learn in a technology class.

LinkedIn Learning features over 16,000 online courses, including downloadable courses that can be taken on the go. You can access them on all of your devices, including mobile devices.

The course interface is designed to maximize your learning experience, with a variety of features such as personalized course recommendations. 

You can also choose from one of the Learning Paths, which explore the skills needed to become a specific type of professional. 

For example, if you want to become an animator, you can take courses on digital illustration and digital video.

It Offers a Free Trial

You can sign up for LinkedIn Learning's free trial to get a taste of the courses, but first you must register your credit card details. You can cancel your subscription at any time during the free trial. 

The cancellation policy will kick in one week before your trial ends. Once you cancel, you will not be charged again for one month. This allows you plenty of time to determine whether or not this product is right for you. It is also important to note that the professional learning app will cancel your subscription if you do not like the courses, and you will be charged only for the courses that you have taken.

This free online Learning app is an education platform that offers online courses to its associates and organizations. It features generalized information presented by experienced professionals.

It is best if you have prior experience in the fields you are interested in.

You can get started by evaluating the most popular courses or the ones that have received the most positive feedback from others. You can also filter out courses that are not right for you. The trial period is available for a limited time only, so don't waste your time!

LinkedIn Learning Offers a Q&A for Learners

Whether you're looking for a specific skill or are looking to further your professional development, the professional app offers many different courses.

You can take a course on almost any subject you can imagine, from IT infrastructure to data science.

There are also courses in software development, security, and database management. For more information, visit the LinkedIn Learning website. The learning path is categorised by subject, and subheadings can help you find exactly what you're looking for.

To increase user engagement and keep users interested, LinkedIn Learning offers video courses. 

These courses offer more options for interacting with the material, and many include Q&A sessions for learners. Each course also has an option for a Q&A session with instructors to answer questions and provide additional feedback. Adding an interactive Q & A could be the perfect way to entice users to stay on LinkedIn, and might even lure them away from other learning platforms.

It Offers a Professional Development Program

Designed for professionals, it offers a wide range of certification and continuing education courses to help you advance your career. Courses can prepare you for a variety of certifications, including the Society for Human Resource Management's certified senior professional designations.

Other courses include Adobe tools, marketing and programming certifications. Users can access LinkedIn Learning courses from a desktop browser, a mobile device, or a desktop computer.

The programme features more than 16,000 courses, geared towards different levels of skill.

The courses cover a variety of topics, including business and technology, as well as diverse skills and teamwork. The site also offers courses in diversity, teamwork, and Google Essentials. Courses are free, and the site offers personalised suggestions based on data and insights about your learning preferences. You can complete the courses at your own pace.

How to Use LinkedIn Learning: Step by Step Guide

step by step linkedin learning explanation

LinkedIn learning is a legit platform for learning virtually anything online. I I have completed more than 10 courses in this learning path. I can confidently say that it disrupts the educational landscape. 

I'll tell you why I said that later in this article. But first, let's talk about how to get started on LinkedIn learning.

Step One

Go to your store whether Play store or Apple store and search for "LinkedIn Learning". 

Download the LinkedIn learning app, open it and you will see something like the interface displayed overleaf.

Step Two

Search for your choice courses. You can learn anything you want on the app.

LinkedIn learning search bar

The app has a robust option ranging from different categories such as business, creative, technology and certifications.

LinkedIn learning topics

You can explore further with the 'Topics' menu button. A click on it takes you right into another interface with learning options.

LinkedIn learning skills completed

When you click on 'My Learning' option, you get to see the aggregate courses you have completed so far. You will also see the course in progress. Based on your learning history, the learning app suggests related courses you might be interested in.

Step Three

Now, that you've known your way around the app, have found a course you would like to learning?

In this specialize learning platform, you can learn at your own pace. You can also set learning reminder weekly, daily or monthly.

Frequently Asked Questions This App

LinkedIn is an amazing platform with incredible people to meet.

If you don't know how to navigate the platform it can be very intimidating. So here are some few questions about the learning app people ask.

Can You Get LinkedIn Learning for Free?

All the courses are free if you've never used the trial version before. The trial version lasts for 30 days. If you exhausted your free trial, you still have free courses available to you but the learning path is premium.

How Much Does It Cost?

LinkedIn Learning costs $29.99 per month, with the first month free as a trial period, or $19.99 per month for a yearly membership.

Can LinkedIn Learning Get You A Job?

When you complete a course on LinkedIn, the app automatically updates your LinkedIn profile with consent.

These certifications are positive triggers to recruiters while viewing your profile thereby increasing your chances of getting a job.

LinkedIn learning is worth your time. And you can put the certificates on your resume because it is handled by professionals with global repute.

Can LinkedIn Learning Videos be Downloaded?

The videos on learning app of LinkedIn can be downloaded to your mobile devices, laptops or whatever devices that you use. But it will only be downloaded on the app just like YouTube. That way, you can gain access to it even when offline.

Can I Access LinkedIn Learning Without Premium?

Yes, you can access the learning app without premium but there is limitation.

Which LinkedIn Learning Courses are the Best?

There are no best LinkedIn courses. It is relative to the choice of the individual and what is relevant to one at that moment.

Which LinkedIn Learning Courses are the Best?

LinkedIn Learning Paths are curated playlists of relevant video courses on a certain topic or career path. They contain a variety of courses taught by various qualified teachers to educate a variety of skills and knowledge related to that subject or vocation.

It was called at first.