Instagram Growth – How to get discovered in 6 ways

How do you define Instagram SEO? It is the systematic process of incorporating keywords into social media content distribution. The aim is to effectively facilitate Instagram growth through the deployment of carefully selected Instagram growth tools.

The truth is that many of the same things you do to improve your SEO on the web can also help you get your content and profile found on Instagram.

From hashtags to alt text, we show you how to think like an SEO person on Instagram and why this can help you be more found.

Instagram Growth - Keyword Search

Instagram said in mid-November that English-speaking users in six countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Canada, can now search the network using keywords rather than hashtags.

Previously, this could only be used to locate Instagram profiles using the keywords contained in their Instagram name, username, or bio.

However, Instagram now allows users to search for posts using keywords as well!

For instance, if you search for "business ideas," Instagram will provide numerous recommendations that contain that term in the search results.

In the event that you click on one of the links, you will be taken to a page containing posts that are linked to the term, as well as other relevant keywords.

Among other things, Instagram says it takes into account the type of content, the captions and when it was posted in order to show you the most relevant results. In addition, it uses machine learning to "find the best content that's right for you."

There are a lot of things that this means for you.

So, there are more chances for your content to be found in Instagram Search.

If you can write descriptive captions, add alt text, and more to your Instagram posts, they might show up in search results for certain keywords. This makes it more important than ever to make sure your Instagram SEO is good.

You should keep in mind that Instagram doesn't show search results for very many words at the moment, so keep that in mind.

You should also keep in mind that right now, you can only use this feature to search for grid posts. Instagram Reels, stories, or anything else isn't available right now.

You should also keep in mind that right now, you can only use this feature to search for grid posts. Instagram Reels, stories, or anything else isn't available right now.

It shows that Instagram is getting more and more important for people to use SEO on Instagram, which is all about making your content as easy to find as possible on Instagram Search. This new feature is a good sign.

To increase your chances of being found on Instagram, follow these steps:

Instagram Growth Using SEO

1. Use Major Keywords For Your Profile

Instagram Search, which can be found on the Explore page, serves as a search engine for all of Instagram's users.

You may use the search box at the top of the Explore page to find and discover accounts, hashtags, and locations, just like you would in Google.

But how does Instagram choose which search results to put on the screen?

Instagram says that the search results you see are based on a lot of things, like who you follow, who you're connected to, and what you like on Instagram.

These aren't just based on keywords, either.

In Instagram, when you search for a word, the site looks through a lot of different accounts to find the ones that are most useful and relevant to what you're looking for – that is, accounts that have that word in them

How Do You Optimize Your Instagram Account

Start with this:

Name & Username

If you're hoping to rank for a particular keyword, incorporate it to your username and name.

Instagram growth photo display SEO illustration

Note that the account appearing are only those with the keyword SEO in their Instagram usernames.

As a good thing, the name field in your Instagram bio can be searched and is completely separate from your username. So you can change it to words that show what your Instagram account or business is all about.

A great way to make sure you show up in the first place when someone searches for your keywords is to add them to your website.

It's easy to change the name field in your profile. You just need to go to your profile and click "Edit Profile."

Instagram Bio

In the same way your name field should be filled with keywords that are relevant to your brand and business, so should your Instagram bio.

You can even put clickable hashtags in your bio to make it more likely that you'll show up in the search results for your account and for the hashtag as well!

This is not only an excellent opportunity to educate new followers about your company. Additionally, Instagram "crawls" bios to acquire additional context and establish the purpose of an account.

2. Use Descriptive Captions - Instagram growth

Although Instagram photos are only searchable via hashtags and location tags, there are additional ways to boost the discoverability of your material on the Instagram Explore tab, such as by creating useful, detailed descriptions.

But before we get into the "how," let's take a moment to discuss the Explore page's functionality.

As with your Instagram feed, Instagram's Explore page algorithm is continually learning from your app activity (such as which accounts you follow and whose posts you like and comment on) in order to identify what content you'll appreciate the best.

That's why your Explore page looks very different than the Explore page of your best buddy — it's targeted to the topics you've already expressed an interest in on Instagram (along with other factors like the accounts you follow, your location, and how recently a piece of content was posted).


Instagram has revealed how it uses machine learning to choose which content to display on the Explore page. Unsurprisingly, we discovered that when Explore recommends content, it prioritises identifying "the most relevant accounts based on individual interests" over searching for specific postings.

In other words, if you've expressed an interest in latte art, Instagram will respond by delivering additional content from accounts that frequently post about the subject.

However, how does Instagram determine whether an account is related to latte art… or anything else?

Instagram said, they use a machine learning technique called "word embedding" to discover topically comparable profiles.

In a nutshell, this means that Instagram analyses the keywords used by accounts to assess their relevance to one another. And, as previously noted, although some of those keywords come from an account's name, username, and bio, others come from the captions you write.

To put it simply, Instagram will group you with accounts who have similar interests.

Using relevant, descriptive keywords in your Instagram captions increases your chances of appearing on the Explore page for individuals who have already indicated interest in topics connected to those keywords.

3. Use Hashtags As Keywords

One of the best ways to get found on Instagram is still to use relevant, targeted hashtags in your posts and stories to get found by new people. And this can help your business get more attention, more followers, and more customers.

But hashtags can be used for a lot of other things, too. Communities, user-generated content (UGC), running campaigns and more are all things you can do with them.

This is why you need to have a clear and well-thought-out hashtag strategy. If you don't, you could be missing out on opportunities to improve your account and get more followers.

4. Edit The Alternative Text (Alt)

Instagram alt text is a new tool that allows you to add personalised alternative text to your images. Sadly, these Instagram growth hacks are often undermined.

While the function was meant for visually impaired Instagram users, it can also be utilised for SEO.

Instagram currently provides automatic replacement text so you can hear photo explanations using screen reader.

As you navigate the app, you can hear a list of items that photographs may contain using object recognition technology.

But you may also generate custom alternative text when uploading a photo to better describe your post! How to:

Before publishing a photo to Instagram, tap Advanced Settings at the bottom of the screen to see and alter the alt text.

5. Instagram Growth - Get Tagged

We've covered how to optimise your Instagram profile and content for search and discovery thus far. However, there is another aspect that can aid in the discovery of your Instagram profile: tags and mentions.

Although far more difficult to manage, tags and mentions on Instagram function similarly to backlinks on the web.

When someone mentions your account in a post or storey, additional people who view the post can click through to your profile, which is an excellent approach to increase discovery.

There are a few methods to increase your chances of being tagged in other people's posts - but the simplest and most successful method is to simply generate outstanding material that others want to share!

For instance, users sharing other users' Instagram posts to their Instagram Stories was a popular trend in 2020. These kind of posts become clickable stickers, directing users directly to the original Instagram post.

Additionally, the original poster's username will be prominently displayed, which is an excellent way to accurately reward contributors to user-generated content (UGC).

Being tagged and mentioned is also a form of affirmation - it communicates to Instagram that your work is valuable and engaging. As a result, your appearance on the Explore page or in people's home feeds may benefit.

If you can figure out how to increase your Instagram tags and mentions, you'll be well on your way to increasing traffic to your profile and content!

6. Use Instagram Analytics

Are you unsure whether your Instagram SEO efforts are bearing fruit? Then you should examine your Instagram growth in correlation with the metrics!

Once you've upgraded your Instagram profile to a business or creator account, you can utilise Instagram Insights to discover more about your followers and the individuals who connect with your business on the platform.

To access your Post Insights, open an Instagram post and press the View Insights icon that appears beneath it.

Instagram page illustrating Instagram growth
Instagram analytics explaining Instagram growth

You can rapidly determine the discoverability of your content by utilising this data.

Additionally, you may check your Instagram Insights, which you can access immediately from your profile.

The Activity page contains information about Discovery (containing your overall reach and impressions over the last week) and Interactions, which shows the number of profile visits you received.

Instagram growth is largely influenced by SEO. This lies on the skill of the social media manager. A carefully planned Instagram SEO leads to huge discoverability.

Put these techniques into consistency and watch your Instagram growth metris accelerate.