8 Perfect Tools for Social Media Management and Automation in 2021

Use these tools for your social campaigns and go to sleep. Wake up and you'll be amazed at the results.

Granted, business-minded social account handlers have their set of tools for social media management automation. Starting out as a professional social media manager, one of the checks on your board is to know what works best for your clients.  And this is accompanied by the best SaaS tools for social media marketing.

For bloggers, business owners, and agencies, automation of social media content is a lifesaver because there are tons of tasks on the desk every second. So, buying time to achieve business goals is a jackpot. To add more spice to the meal, the job of an experienced social media manager requires one is updated with these marketing trends.

But there is the problem of what tools does a social media manager needs? In this article, find the best recommendation of tools for social media management. I will also highlight the instruments that have a forever free version for now.

Knowledge of how these tools work is hitting the bullseye. You need a firm grasp on it. That's the best approach to drive results faster it. Don't just scroll through the screen of your mobile or desktop. I pay a lot to learn how it works without flipping through the pages of the manufacturer's manual.

Alright, let's jump right in...

1. Business suite

The  Facebook Business Suite was introduced on September 17, 2020, officially. Before then, it was formerly called Facebook Page Manager.  What does it do? It allows you to manage both Facebook and Instagram all in one place. It was designed to help the busy itineraries of business owners. With Page Manager, it used to be a tedious task to hop from one landing page to another. Now, you can organize both platforms in one place. 

Benefits of a Facebook business suite

Manage both Facebook and Instagram in one place with analytical results at a glance.

The message and comments feature to make it easier to reply to customers instantly.

You can understand what's working and what's not working comparing both platforms. 

How to access business suite 

To access the Facebook business suite on desktop, log in to business.facebook.com. Facebook says if you are eligible you will be redirected to the interface.

Facdbook business suite screenshot
Screenshot of Business suite login

If you visiting the platform using a desktop or laptop, this will be your interface. Now, note that it may change at the time you are reading this article but the menu navigation is standard. 

If you already have Page Manager, you will be prompted to switch over to the business suite. But in the event that you don't have either of the apps, just head right to your mobile store and download. Note that you must have connected your Instagram account from your Facebook page setting to be able to use the business suite. To connect your Instagram page to your Facebook business account, go to settings, click on connect Instagram. It will redirect you to choose the account you intend to connect to if you have Instagram multiple accounts. Follow the prompt after that. And you're on. Voila!

mobile interface of Facebook business suite
business suite of Facebook

In the mobile interface, a click on the nine dots at the top right corner will take you to the second screenshot depicted above.  You can virtually have an overview of all activities going on simultaneously with both platforms. 

Canva is a time saver when it comes to designing and scheduling. From its platform, you can directly post to your social media landing page and even schedule as you wish. However, this feature is only available to the pro version. But if you are using a free plan, their tons of things you could use Canva for. You could create videos, audios, ebooks, customized T-shirts, banners, and a lot more. You don't need prior design experience to create magic with Canva, unlike Photoshop, Adobe illustrator. You can access Canva here.

3. Later

Sometimes all that is needed is that one platform dedicated to one social account. Later is dedicated to serving Instagram management. When comparing social tools, of the most important things you want to look out for is the social analytic feature. As a powerful tool for social handling, Later brags to be the world's favourite Instagram marketing platform.


Being one of the most efficient visual planners, Later's automation tool keeps it ahead of the competition. Users have good words to fling in the air about their training sessions.

4. Sprout social

With Sprout Social, you can track social trends. If your business drive craves after the accuracy of social data for sharp prediction, you might want to give attention to this social managing tool. 

The premium version is categorized into Standard ($99/month), Professional ($149/month), and Advanced ($249/month). It almost as if they could hear the "wow, this is way beyond our budget" of their customers. So they made a 30-day free trial to any plan of your choice. The amazing part I love about this offer is that you don't even need a credit card for this trial. And you can cancel anytime. 

Wow, this is dope! I mean, it's getting hot in here. Anybody feels 'same way?


5. Cloud Campaign

These guys are peculiar. They manage skilfully B2B partnerships using a cloud campaign. If you are an agency, this social automating tool could come in handy. Another thing I love about these guys is the culture and work ethics among the team - it's flexible and built for self-development.


Among the team, Cloud Campaign has a sound culture and work ethics. A flexible working environment is what everyone admires. Like Canva and Sprout Social, they also have powerful partnerships. They have a free trial for all three packages. Pricing Plans range from Freelancer, Studio to Agency. 

There is a popup that I like on this website called SM Calculator. A tool to calculate what you should be charging your clients. If you are the type that often gets burn out before the completion of your client's work, this tool is like sky diving for you.


6. Hootsuite

There is absolutely no reason why any social media account manager should not meet client expectations with the array of automation tools at the moment. Hootsuite is one of those social media business account platforms with a smooth ride interface. The free plan allows only two accounts for 30 days. Before now, it was five social accounts for 30 days. However, they upgraded their features recently. Hence, the limitation. Hootsuite has a very efficient schedule template and analytics and it's quite affordable. 

Buffer is a big dog in the competition of social automation. If part of your business goal is to optimize for community interactiveness on socials, these guys have a powerful feature that covers that. Buffer platform has an automated algorithm that responds to users' comments on your behalf. It's a powerful tool for businesses that use Instagram and Facebook mostly.

Topping the chart here is Creator Studio. The Facebook business did a commendable job have eased the pain of creators. With this studio, you can create content, publish, schedule, and draw insights from the analytics feature. They have auto-generating captions, content library and the Creative Tools feature is on fire. It automatically generates captions for you upon uploading your video. We all know captions on video increase the rate of being watched.  

Creator Studio by Facebook has greatly improved. I am wowed by the amazing features it houses. You can tag, title, and label your uploaded video for discoverability. You view your posts in the calendar interface to see the real-time performance of your posts. 

There is a new feature in Creator Studion as at the writing of this article called Post Testing. It allows you to test run two different samples of post and give a report upon completion on the best performing post. This could be useful if you are planning a social media ad campaign. 

Creator Studio has a mobile version for iOS and Android. Just go to your store and search for Creator Studio with the logo below:


Looking at the similarity between Facebook's Creator Studio and Business Suite apps is easy to confuse both apps as having the same functionality. The difference is: with Creator Studio you can post on Story but you can not respond to real-time comments as Business Suite allows.

Conclusion: tools for social media management automation

By our assessment, these are the best tools for social media management and automation. Depending on your business goals, decide which platform has the ideal feature your organization needs and go for it.


On that note, cheers to more profit!