6 Powerful Tactics to Cheat Instagram Algorithm: Revealed.

You'll almost agree with me that the Instagram algorithm deserves to be a course in higher institutions of learning. That's because of its usability to every business owner, content creator, and brand identity.

Everyone is hustling on Instagram. Do you know why? Because it's the closest competitor to Tik Tok.

It's like the US and China war. Instagram is for the United States, TikTok is China. Are you getting the gist?

As a battle of superiority, we the users are the ones enjoying this fight.

The owners of Instagram are dolling out new features almost every month to keep its users continue having fun on the platform.

So, if as a business owner, career person, or content creator, you are not active on Instagram, I can almost swear that you are leaving money on the table.

But that shouldn't be your problem because today is your lucky day.

In this article, I will show you the eight most effective steps to hack the Instagram algorithm.

Don't be terrified by the word hack. This is legal. Plus, you do have a lawyer just in case you find yourself in trouble, right? Just kidding, of course.

Shall we begin?

Understanding how the Instagram algorithm works

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Niche consistency

Start by posting something related to what you want people to know you for. Social media is like a local market. Be rest assured that every new customer you make each day puts a mark on your shop.

So the next time they need what you sell, they already know where to find you. Posting on Instagram is not as difficult as being consistent. It takes a long discipline and strategic planning to achieve that. That's why as a business owner, you'll always need the services of social media managers who know what's up.

To begin a thing is more difficult than ending it. To start and be consistent in your niche. Maintaining consistency pays on Instagram. Take it as your wages for the time taken to create, refine and deploy content.

The algorithm of Instagram is constantly learning from your post. As you put in content regularly, you give the algorithm an idea of what your account is all about.

Post at the time your audience is most active

Well, Instagram has made it easier with analytics. Now, you have access to the most active days of your audience.

Apart from the Instagram app, there are tons of other Social media scheduling tools that give overwhelming insight into your audience activities as Later does.

With the recommendations from your analytics, there is a high chance your post will attract likes, comments, and shares.

When people engage with your post, it tells the Instagram algorithm what your content is about. That way, it is more likely to show it to more users who will appreciate your social content.

Do people often ask what is the best time to post on Instagram?

For almost decades, this question was a powerful puzzle to Instagram users because the Instagram algorithm was more like a calculus waiting to be solved.

The reason for this could be owed to a lot of factors. One of which is the different time zones of users. Thus, drawing a map of the best time to post on the Instagram platform became a riddle. However, 2017 came with a lot of breakthrough research articles and blogs for curious readers.

One of such articles about How to find the best time to post on Instagram was developed later.

Every account has its own unique best time to post. The moment you discover that through social analytics, engagement will roll in.

Add call to action on every caption

The best way to encourage comments, likes, and shares are to tell your readers at the end of each post what to do.


Sometimes, it could be a simple question that calls for your audience's opinions or an instruction to follow the page.

Think of it as a movie where audience engagement is the climax of your story.

The days where users target audiences solely by hashtags are gone. Well, it's not as if hashtagging is no longer relevant. It is, but the Instagram algorithm has gone beyond content categorization with hashtags.

Now, there is a new feature that allows users to search by keywords. According to an article by Later Instagram scheduling tool, one effective way to boost discoverability on Instagram is the intentional use of keywords in captions.

Well, just so we are on the same page, keywords are the exact words or phrases online users type on search queries. Their search platform could be search engines, websites, or social media. So the best way to increase your chances of being discovered is to use the keywords users adopt when searching.

Plan your social media SEO strategically

When it comes to online searching, users adopt a variety of words. It's even more complex where social media is concerned. Of course, you already know these words are referred to as keywords, right?

But just in case you're not sure of what it means, keywords are the terms people use to find what they need online. When these words are three words above, we say they are long-tail keywords. Short tail keywords are more like the reverse.

Let's look at it this way...

Assuming you run a phone accessory shop and then your lead searches for you using 'phone accessories repairs'. That's a short tail keyword. So it's a phrase containing three or fewer keywords. But when they use the 'phone accessories repairs shop Facebook page'. That's definitely a long-tail keyword. Are you getting the vibe? It's that easy to understand.

Now, how then do you plan your social media SEO for the Instagram algorithm?

Think like the customer/platform user

What are the chances they are likely to use certain words? The last time you searched for something online, what was on your mind? Social media users don't have the patience to brainstorm over words. They type their queries as it comes to mind. Someone needed to buy a black trainer. He types 'Adidas black trainer'. And if he doesn't find what he wants, he types 'Adidas black shoes'. He goes on with the search until he finds what he wants regardless of the words being used. So, thinking in the same pattern as your audience positions your content optimally.

Research the keywords of your topic

A way to do this is to make use of the Instagram search bar.

Go to the landing page of your Instagram profile and hit the search bar.

Screenshot of Instagram business account
Instagram SEO tactics

Now, type in one among the keywords you intend to research on the search bar. What you find are the most popular hashtags. It is recommended that disperse your tags according to size. Preferably, use 10 <50k hashtags, five 50k - 500k hashtags, and five >500k hashtags. This strategy blends the hashtags with small size, medium and large sizes together. When you are happy with that, you can explore the Accounts, Tags, and Places options for ideas of what other Instagram accounts are engaging.

Screenshot of charteredmarket Instagram account to explain how social media SEO works
Keyword research for Instagram SEO

When you've got the idea of the most popular keywords within the context of your topic, now it's time to incorporate them into your content.

Be first-timers for new features

The Instagram algorithm rewards consistency. More importantly, it optimizes accounts that keep using newly doled-out features. These days, there are powerful features on Instagram. The most recent is the new sponsored product listings. Now business owners, brands with product listing on the Instagram app will be able to promote them on the shop tab as you can find in the photo.

Screenshot showing product listings of a regular account
Instagram product listing shop tab

Now, every product on the shop tab that has been sponsored now has a distinctive disclaimer.

"After a successful test, we’re launching ads on the Instagram Shop tab globally to make it easier for people to discover and shop from brands when they’re already in the mood to browse. These ads will appear as tiles on the Instagram Shop tab home page" - Instagram

A click on any of the sponsored products takes the audience to a page where they can have an overview of the items being displayed.

This is a major e-commerce shift. It affords users the opportunity to shop on Instagram just by clicking on the product image. However, these features are only available in specific regions. If it's available in your region, good news. However, this is a great feature for people who want to tap into the billion user audience of Instagram.

One good thing about this new Instagram feature is that as the algorithm learns more about the users' shopping experience and preferences, it increases the potential reach.


Every business has its social media platforms best suited for it. If Instagram is yours, this article is one of the tactics you should archive in your library and never get rid of.